Antidoto SA

The company and its history

Antidoto SA was born as a company over twenty years ago, with the name of PizzaTech and with the aim of wanting to solve what today is the main problem for those who have to deliver meals at home, or get them to the end customer exactly as they were: warm, fragrant and tasty

The first oven developed, Bright, allowed the maintenance of ideal temperatures for food, using the exhaust gas produced by the motor. Thanks to the use of a heat exchanger, he could in fact reuse that energy, without the gases coming into contact with food. With the evolution of technologies, especially in the energy field, PizzaTech has also created ovens powered by special batteries that make them even more performing. The patented and developed ovens allow you to bring hot meals that are pizzas, hamburgers, fried or pasta, directly from the restaurant to the customer, keeping them at an average temperature of over 65 °, thus ensuring the maintenance of all the characteristics such as taste or consistency, like the product just made.

In these years the company’s Vision is becoming reality: our portable ovens have created the change, going from restaurateurs who lost customers because they were dissatisfied with the product arrived home, to pizzerias and restaurants that decide to expand the fleet with our oven to be able to deliver a perfect product to more and more customers.

PizzaTech obviously did not stop, but on the contrary, today it has evolved into a bigger project, Antidoto SA: a company that in addition to continuing its search for the improvement of food transport ovens, also has a division called RystoTech, which specializes in creating rooms furnished with unmistakable style and cutting-edge functionality. RystoTech is able to follow the customer step by step in the genesis of the ideal restaurant: from 3D rendering to the installation of equipment, passing through consulting.


A future where the pizza delivered at home is always hot and crunchy. A future in which food delivered at home is as good as it has been. A future in which ordering from home will be like ordering at a restaurant, but more convenient and simple.


A Delivery Oven for every pizzeria and restaurant that delivers at home. A happy customer for every meal delivered.


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